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"Rise and Shine produced night and day results with my Annie. The change in her is amazing. No more pulling on the leash and dashing through doors. She listens to the entire family on leash or off. Colton has done amazing things with our girl and we could not be happier. I watched him work with other dogs on some advanced obedience and was amazed at what he can do with a dog. I thought only military and police dogs could do the things I saw. He is amazing and when we get our next dog, this will be the trainer for us. Thank you for all you have done."

-Chris Simmons

"What a great experience we had with Rise and Shine. Just needed some basic obedience training for a middle aged rescue and they went above and beyond. Would recommend to anyone in the area!"

-Jonah Campbell

"Colton is professional, compassionate, and empathetic. Everything you want in a dog trainer. His level of commitment to his craft is inspirational, and I always feel safe when leave my Ranger with him."

-Albi Saboni

"I'm not quite a fan of writing reviews, but I just had to for Colton. Colton at Rise & Shine K9, is a phenomenal trainer. I can not express how much I have learned with my dogs from this guy, I was hesitant at first because I saw Colton work a lot with his Malinois, and I needed help with my primitive breed. A Japanese Akita inu, to be specific. Colton not only was able to help me build great foundation for her, but he taught me how to get my dog motivated to actually work with me as a team. Colton isn't really your average dog trainer, he's very relationship based and truly wants his clients to succeed and have dogs that are able to function in the real world. Take the step I did, and work with Colton, you will not regret it!"

-Kahn Cecille

"Very knowledgeable and super happy to help you! I definitely recommend going to Colt- his attitude and skill for teaching is fantastic!"

-Tegan Miller

"Colton is an excellent trainer! I paid for his expertise monthly for my high strung doberman puppy. I highly recommend him as a trainer for any of your needs"

-Morrigan Ziegler

"Book him! My boyfriend has a reactive dog (Miles) and Colton's classes did wonders for him! Colton took his time with Miles and taught us the basics, first. After we practiced those, we took on more with Miles. He is much calmer on the leash and WANTS to listen to us more now. We took Colton's advice about a new collar and it has also helped tremendously. When we "train" Miles you can tell he loves the attention and gets excited about it. It has been a journey for sure but one we are so glad that we took. Having a reactive dog and not aiming to fix it, literally shuts you off from so many things - so, because of our sessions with Colton, we are now looking forward to so many, safer, less stressful outings with our favorite guy. You could say it was life changing and it will only get better from here. Colton is accessible and responsive and willing to help because he cares about the dogs. We live near Colton and he was able to come to us - in a world where convenience is everything, it really made a difference. Just think, you can start today and change it all... Thank you to Colton for all his help and encouragement to both Miles and us! Jamie"

-Jamie Eggleton

"Excellent at what he does. Clear communication."

-Amanda Gaul

"Colton is the best I’ve ever seen. He’s so quick to assess a situation and offer a behavioral plan. He’s always on the money, and he’s really great at also explaining why. Super knowledgeable and all around good guy! Highly recommend him for your dog!!Colton is the best I’ve ever seen. He’s so quick to assess a situation and offer a behavioral plan. He’s always on the money, and he’s really great at also explaining why. Super knowledgeable and all around good guy! Highly recommend him for your dog!!"

-Chelsea Issac

"I have known Colton for over 20 years. Not only is he passionate about animals but has a true gift in training dogs for both obedience and specialized service animals. He is both hardworking and committed to working through challenging situations and able to identify and address any issues a dog owner may be facing. He provides excellent communication to clients every step of the way and wants to ensure your dog’s success for the future. He has many years of experience and his dedication to the field is unmatched. Would highly recommend him to anyone that is needing dog training."

-Lauren Moore

"Colton is a great trainer that provides great training! His quality in training, talent and passion is not only seen when working with clients, but is seen throughout the dog training community."

-Brittany Vielma

"I reached out to Colton via Instagram a long time ago and I'll never in my life forget how kind and understanding he was to me, when others couldn't find that in themselves! Me and my dog had some serious issues with retaining a healthy relationship (my fault, obviously) both in daily life and in our – at that time beginning – competitive obedience experience. His advice was never disappointing and he always kept pushing me forward! Everything we now have is definitely due to him motivating me to work harder and focus more on our best traits. He's great at understanding dogs and it's clear he's entirely devoted to his job. I'll keep on recommending Rise and Shine to anyone for as long as I can – Colton to this day stays the most helpful and professional trainer I've ever met."

-Oliwia Piesciuk

"Colton does an excellent job at training dogs. He’s not only incredibly knowledgeable, but patient and compassionate. Whether you have a sport dog pursuing competitive obedience or want a well behaved pet, reach out to Colton to help achieve your goals-you will not regret it!"

-Alexis Simmons

"Colton's passion and dedication for dogs is a rare gift. You won't see a better heeled dog in the whole state of Texas that hasn't been instructed by this young man."

-Jorge Vitamont

Colton was the answer to my prayers. I adopted a dobie from a rescue who was apparently severely abused. He helped my Maiko regain her confidence. She no longer pulls on her leash, darts out of/into the house, or paces around. She sits on command and is able to walk off leash. She is such a happier girl because of him.

-Lillian StJohn

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