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Rise and Shine K-9 is about so much more than just training dogs. We work with you to strengthen the bond between you and your best pal. We understand how frustrating it can be to have issues with your pet at home and we are here to help. Through proper training and education, you and your pup can have that perfect, healthy relationship you've always imagined. Click here to learn about who we are.

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Are you the type of person who would prefer to be involved in your dogs training? Designed to better the bond between you and your best pal. Learn step by step how to properly engage with your dog. Whether it is stopping bad behavior or teaching new ones, Rise and Shine K-9 has the experience and knowledge to meet your needs. Click here for more information on our private lessons.


Is your dog showing signs of behavioral issues such as fear reactivity or aggression? Barking and Lunging at other dogs or people? Resource guarding their food or toys at home? Click here to learn more

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I first got into dogs in around 2012 when I decided I wanted a Doberman Pinscher. Ryder was an excellent dog but passed away at age three due to health issues. About a year and a half later, I decided I was finally ready for another dog. The only problem was I was renting a house where I wasn’t allowed to have a dog. So, I decided to start searching for dog related jobs. Shortly enough I got a job at a doggy day-care that also did training, which is where my training journey began. I worked for several other day cares after that, then for multiple other trainers as well. I took a year off from training professionally and worked as a vet tech. However this was after I was given my current dog Josie, and we focused on training for competitive dogsports at the time. After working as a tech for a year I decided to start my own training business. Since then I have trained at least a hundred dogs on my own, competed in and won first place in high level competitive dogsports, and was featured in UKC’s current video series on competitive obedience. Dog training is one of the biggest aspects of my life and I plan on doing it forever. 

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"Rise and Shine produced night and day results with my Annie. The change in her is amazing. No more pulling on the leash and dashing through doors. She listens to the entire family on leash or off. Colton has done amazing things with our girl and we could not be happier. I watched him work with other dogs on some advanced obedience and was amazed at what he can do with a dog. I thought only military and police dogs could do the things I saw. He is amazing and when we get our next dog, this will be the trainer for us. Thank you for all you have done."

-Chris Simmons

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